Paternity Lawyer in Houston, TX

Find a professional paternity lawyer in Houston, TX, you can rely at the Miller Law Firm. Attorney Jacqueline Miller carries nearly three decades of experience as a licensed Houston paternity attorney. Attorney Miller carries an excellent track record of successfully tried cases. The Miller Law team carries a high passion for family law and has demonstrated this through experience in various tried cases. Our team is committed to delivering excellence to every client who comes our way. When you obtain legal counsel, you should feel confident in who is representing you. The Miller Law Firm will deliver the dedication necessary to ensure we do just that. We will assist you through each step needed to obtain your legal paternity rights. 

Texas Paternity Overview 

In Texas, the statute states that a child must be born to a married couple for paternity to be established. If the child was born out of wedlock, then paternity must be established through legal means. It is especially important for both the mother and the father to initiate a paternity order if their relationship has ended. 

When You Need to Hire a Paternity Lawyer 

There are several factors that may be motivating you to hire an attorney. It is advisable to retain counsel if you require any of the following: 

  • Need to establish legal custody 

  • Are requesting visitation rights 

  • Want to collect financial support 

  • Need to collect health care/insurance benefits 

Regardless of what drives you to hire a lawyer, it is essential to ensure your attorney is skilled and well versed in the laws relative to paternity actions. 

Establishing Paternity in Texas 

There are three ways in which paternity becomes legal: 

  • Marriage - If the child is the offspring of a married couple, paternity is presumed automatically. 

  • Acknowledgment of Paternity (AOP) – When both parents agree to sign this legal documentation, paternity becomes official. This is also the easiest way to establish paternity. 

  • Court-Mandated Paternity Lawsuit – When parents disagree about the paternity of the child, the court will order a DNA test to identify parentage.  

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