Child Support Law Services in Houston, TX 

At the Miller Law Firm, we offer a variety of child support law services in Houston, TX. With over 25 years of experience as a licensed practicing attorney, Jacqueline Miller and her team are here to ensure their clients receive top-rated services they can rely on. Attorney Miller has successfully argued countless child support cases and has collected thousands in child support for her clients. Each client can count on the passion and dedication our team demonstrates on every case. Attorney Miller will deliver favorable results for your case. 

Child Support Enforcement 

Children do better when they have not only the emotional support but also the financial support of both parents. When children do not receive both means from their parents, this can negatively affect the quality of their lives. We understand that parents just want the needs of their child to be satisfied. Our team is also aware that neither parent should be paying more than their fair share. However, when the noncustodial parent is not providing the support and means necessary for the child, this is where we make the court step in. 

If you’re not receiving your support payments, our child support law services can assist. The child support enforcement law typically requires acquiring a court order or pursuing enforcement by means of a contempt order. The court does not take delinquent payments lightly, as there are several civil and criminal options to enforce child support. A number of actions may be taken if the noncustodial parent fails to follow through with their portion of child support. The payments can be withheld from wages or garnished from the noncustodial parent’s tax returns. The court may also request that certain agencies suspend their driver’s license, hunting and fishing license, and more. In extreme cases, the person liable for payment may be arrested when refusing to make payments. 

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