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Welcome to the Miller Law Firm, licensed child custody attorney as well as child support attorneys in Houston, TX. With nearly 30 years of practicing family law as licensed attorneys, Attorney Miller and her staff deliver quality services for their clients. With a proven track record of successfully tried cases, the Miller Law team is one of the leading law firms throughout the greater Houston area. Discover why Attorney Miller is the preferred choice when it comes to family lawyers.

What Factors Affect Child Support Laws in Houston? 

Skilled child support attorneys can assist with several issues associated with child support, enforcement, and modification. It is firmly believed that child support is the sole responsibility of the noncustodial parent. Despite popular beliefs, the child support law in Houston requires both parents to contribute to the financial obligations involved with the upbringing of the children. At the Miller Law Firm, we carefully assess all the details to ensure you are receiving or contributing the appropriate amount regarding the child support. 

 There are several factors that affect how much one should be contributing to or receiving from child support, including: 

  • Net income of both parents 

  • Alimony 

  • Time span each parent is allotted with the child 

  • Financial assets as well as debts of each parent 

  • Travel expenses incurred from pick-up and drop-off of minor child 

  • Health-care-related expenses of minor child 

  • Unreported income of both parents 

  • Daycare expenses 

  • Educational expenses 

  • Ability to take care of the children 

  • And more 

Child Custody  

As an accomplished child custody attorney, Attorney Miller understands determining the custody of the child can be challenging in the best of circumstances. The Miller Law Firm provides expert representation and is here to help resolve high-conflict custody battles. Our team is aware that this can be a difficult weight on both parents’ shoulders. We are here to ease the burden of a difficult situation and aim toward finding a resolution rather than encouraging more conflict between the two parties. Allow our team to provide you with positive outcomes in your case. 

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