Child Adoption Lawyer in Houston, TX

If you’re looking a child adoption lawyer in Houston, TX, the Miller Law Firm is the preferred choice. Attorney Jacqueline Miller carries over 25 years of experience as a licensed child adoption attorney. She has tried thousands of cases successfully and delivers first-rate customer service to all of her clients. With a deep passion and understanding of family law, the Miller Law Firm team will assist you through every step of the process involved with adopting a child. As exciting as the beginning of the adoption can be, it can be just as daunting. Allow us to help you successfully navigate your way through the complicated process to bring forth a prosperous conclusion. 

What Is Adoption? 

Adoption is the action of legally taking full guardian ownership over another parent’s child. The parental rights are transferred from the biological parents to the adoptive parents. The adoptive parents are now legally responsible for the care and raising of the child. 

Child Adoption Process 

Embarking on the adoption process is a wonderful way to start a new family. Not only do you get the added joy of raising a child as your own, but you also get to have a positive impact on that child’s life forever. However, the adoption process can be quite complex, and you will learn there are many obstacles to overcome. A professional child adoption lawyer will be able to provide you with the necessary legal counsel and services required to proficiently journey through the adoption process. At the Miller Law Firm, we handle the initial paperwork as well as ensure you adhere to all technical and legal rules. Unfortunately, if everything is not handled appropriately during the adoption procedure, the adoption could be declared invalid. 

Hire the Professionals 

Having a skilled attorney on your side is essential for allowing the adoption procedure to run smoothly. You want to ensure you have an experienced lawyer who pays close attention to every detail. Contact the Miller Law Firm today so you can have a professional child adoption lawyer in Houston, TX, help you complete the adoption process with a positive outcome.